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Registered Patents (12 Korea Patents, 2 US Patents, 1 Utility Model)


 Korea Patents (Registered)

 1. "An Apparatus for Mercury Collection in Vehicle"

      Tai Gyu Lee, Jong Hyun Won

      Registered: 2008-04-29, Korean Patent #: 10-0827767-0000.


 2. "Multifunctional Silica Sphere for Drug Delivery System and Preparation Method"

      Tai Gyu Lee, Se Ho Park

      Registered: 2008-07-04, Korean Patent #: 10-0845519-0000.

 3. "An Apparatus for Removing Mercury using Plants in Water and Methods thereof"

      Yujin Eom, Kyung-Su Song, Tai Gyu Lee

      Registered: 2008-11-04, Korean Patent #: 10-0867979-0000.

 4. "Preparation Method of Reference Materials for Mercury Analysis"

      Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Dae-Youb Kim, Yang Chul Seo

      Registered: 2012-04-30, Korean Patent #: 10-1143426-0000.


 5. "Activated Carbon for Removing Gas-phase Elemental Mercury"

      Tai Gyu Lee, Chul Hun Lee, Yujin Eom

      Registered: 2012-07-09, Korean Patent #: 10-1165796-0000.


 6. "Method for Producing Container for Storing Element Mercury and Method for Storing Element Mercury"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Chul Hun Lee, Yujin Eom

       Registered: 2012-09-17, Korean Patent #: 10-1185062-0000.


 7. "Treatment Method of Mercury-containing Waste"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Jae Han Cho

       Registered: 2013-09-11, Korean Patent #: 10-1309579-0000.


 8. "Pre-treatment Method for Methyl-Mercury"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Ji Hee Shin

       Registered: 2014-01-15, Korean Patent #: 10-1354160-0000.

 9. "An Waste Treating Apparatus Containing Mercury and a Mercury Recovery Method Therewith"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Woo Rim Lee

       Registered: 2016-09-21, Korean Patent #: 10-1660469-0000.

10. "Development of activated carbon for mercury analysis using mercury solution"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Zhang Zishuo

       Registered: 2017-11-14, Korean Patent #: 10-1799290-0000.


11. "Absorbent comprising thiol compound for removing of heavy metals and the manufacturing method thereof"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Hyun Hee Kim

       Registered: 2018-09-28, Korean Patent #: 10-1904962-0000.


12. "Humic acid-impregnated activated carbon for adsorbing mercury and the manufacturing method thereof"

       Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Gang Jin

       Registered: 2018-12-04, Korean Patent #: 10-1927405-0000.

US Patents (Registered)


 1. "Method of Stabilizing and Solidifying Elemental Mercury using Sulfur and Paraffin"

      Tai Gyu Lee, Kyung-Su Song, Yujin Eom

      Registered: 2012-02-21, US Patent #: 8,119,087.

 2. "Apparatus for Treating Mercury-Containing Waste and Method for Recovering High Purity Elemental Mercury 

       Using Same Apparatus" (PCT/KR2016/012551)

       Tai Gyu Lee, Yujin Eom, Woo Rim Lee

Utility Model (Registered)

 1. "Mercury Collecting Kit"

       Yujin Eom, Ji Hee Shin, Tai Gyu Lee

       Registered: 2013-03-16, Utility Model #: 2004-66158-0000​.

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