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​ Advanced Converging Technology Research Laboratory


Currently, the cosmetics industry is briskly proceeding with the research on senescence inhibition, melanin pigment inhibition, hair loss, acne, and alleviation of skin stimulation, etc. while the cosmetic material field is also actively doing research on extraction of natural ingredients, novel materials, and synthesis of derivatives; in addition, drug delivery technology for getting an effective ingredient (developed through such process) to be absorbed into the skin and the technology of stabilizing the unstable effective materials are being actively studied with their integration with nano technology.

A lot of effective ingredients produce an excellent effect on a person's skin, but when they are used for materials for cosmetics, they fail to work on the skin effectively due their unstable state. The purpose of polymer capsulation is to get as many ingredients as possible to be delivered to the skin with great efficiency by capsulating such ingredients while synthesizing materials by detecting the wanted ingredients in the inside of a fat-soluble component.


As the representative example. ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is destructed before it is absorbed into effective antioxidant or the skin, showing less effect. This laboratory, in an effort to maximize their effect, is proceeding with the research on development of cosmetic materials which can produce effect when they infiltrate the skin through detection together with the material that can stabilize ascorbic acid (vitamin C)in polymer.